Russell's Waltz

The following tune, which I know as "Russell's Waltz" is the one I had in mind when writing my dance "Swirling Waters". It came to me from Peter Foster, named after a player whose favorite it was. I have since been told that it is similar to "Peeler Creek". I would welcome further information on its background, author or history.

Music Score

ABC Music Notation

T:Russell's Waltz
N:Peter Foster collected this tune from a band who named it after a player
N:whose favorite it was. Mike Jackson noted it was similar to "Peeler Creek".
N:Lawrie Brown chose this tune to use with his dance "Swirling Waters",
N:winner of the 1993 TSDAV Dance Composers Competition. See
M: 3/4
L: 1/8
K: G
|: dB | "G"G2 GA Bc | d2 dB G2 | "Am"AB AG EG | "D"AB AG EF |
"G"G2 GA Bc | d2 dB G2 | "Am"AB AG "D"EF | "G"G4 :|
|: B2 | "Em"e3 f gf | e2 d2 B2 | e2 fg a2 | "Bm"b3 a gf |
"Em"e3 f gf | e2 d2 B2 | "Am"AB AG "D"EF | "G"G4 :|

This is also available in abc music notation, as a svg image, and the original handwritten score scan.

Lawrie Brown / 3 Oct 2018