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AUUG Canberra Summer Conference and Workshops 96

To complement the AUUG National Winter Conference, a series of local summer conferences and workshops are held in Feb-May each year, organised by the various AUUG chapters. These conferences feature local and national speakers on a range of subjects, and are used to help members keep abreast of new developments in the Open Systems arena. They are also an opportunity to try some networking of the non-wired variety.

The Seventh AUUG Canberra Summer Conference and Workshops series, organised by the Canberra Chapter of AUUG, was held at the Australian National University on 12-14 Feb 1996.


The workshops were held on Monday 12th and Tuesday 13th February at ANU at 9am and 1:30pm. Registration was in the Manning Clark Foyer (building 26a). Morning and Afternoon Teas were provided. Lunch is NOT provided, but there are several luncheon spots within easy reach. You can attend workshops without attending the conference. The size of each workshop is limited, first come, first served. We reserve the right to cancel any workshop, in which case a refund will be arranged.

Workshops available were:

  1. DNS - Christopher Vance - 1/2 day, Mon AM
  2. A Cryptographic Primer - Lawrie Brown - 1/2 day, Mon AM
  3. Stretching the Web - Lawrie Brown - 1/2 day, Mon PM
  4. Sendmail 8 - John Barlow - 1/2 day, Mon PM
  5. Security - Jeremy Bishop - 1/2 day, Tues AM
  6. Firewalls - Lawrie Brown - 1/2 day, Tues PM
  7. Perl - 1/2 day, Tues PM
  8. Tcl/Tk - Steve Ball - full day, Tues

Further information on the workshops, including abstracts of each, is available.


The Conference was held on Wednesday 14th February in ANU at 9am. Registration was in the Manning Clark Foyer (building 26a). Morning and Afternoon Teas and Lunch were all provided. The program included the following presentations:
  1. SAMBA - Andrew Tridgel
  2. IP v6 - Peter Elford
  3. Government Publishing on the Web - Bruce Mcleod
  4. Monitoring Network Connection Attempts on a FreeBSD Server - Warren Toomey
  5. Aegis is Only For Software, Isn't It? - Peter Miller
  6. Plan 9 - Christopher Vance
  7. Linux Update - Steven Rothwell
  8. The PDP Unix Preservation Society - Warren Toomey

Further information on the conference talks, including abstracts of each, and pointers to some papers, is available.


To commemorate this event, a few photos were taken at the conference.


We wish to acknowledge the support of ATR in sponsoring this years conference.


Registration the AUUG (Canberra) Summer Conference was:

Registration Fees
Workshops - Half DayAUUG Members$70
Non Members$90
Workshops - Full DayAUUG Members$140
Non Members$180
ConferenceAUUG Members$70
Non Members$90

Other Information

Parking is available off Hutton Street (entrance 8 on ANU map), (3 for free before 9am); or try the roof of the Parking tower near the Workers club.
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