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This is some information on the the Fifth Annual AUUG Canberra Summer Conference and Workshops, held on 14th - 16th February 1994 at ANU and NCC.

McKusick Tutorial

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Dr Marshall Kirk McKusick (in full flight) presented a special one-day tutorial on Unix systems internals at ANU on Monday 14th February. A large gathering of participants enjoyed the tutorial.


A diverse selection of workshops were offered at the ANU on Tuesday 15th February, with topics including:
1. Network Management (1/2 day) Mark Turner, AARNet.
2. Introduction to Internetworking (1/2 day) Peter Elford, Cisco.
3. Solaris 2.x Migration (1/2 day) Merik Karman, Defence Service Homes.
4. Security (1/2 day) Jeremy Bishop, Department of Defence.
5. Everyday UNIX utilities (1/2 day) Ivan Angus, Australian National University.
6. The X Window System (1/2 day) Bob Dynes, Labtam Australia.
7. Perl - the Programmers Swiss Army Chainsaw 1/2= day) Frank Crawford, ANSTO.
8. The Tcl Language and the Tk Toolkit (full day) 
		Micheal Kearney, CSIRO DIT and Steve Ball, ANU.


The conference was held at the National Convention Centre on Wednesday 16th February, with a full program of talks by both local speakers, and our guest speaker Dr Marshall Kirk McKusick:
 8:40 am  Registration desk opens
 9:00 am  Merik Karman (AUUG Canberra Chapter President)
            Introduction and welcome
 9:15 am  Kirk McKusick, The `Free' Software Phenomenon
10:00 am  David Green, The World Wide Web - Hypermedia and the Internet
10:30 am  Morning Tea (sponsored by Hewlett-Packard)
11:00 am  Steve Ball, The EIT Standard Environment
11:30 am  Adam Green, Parallelism in UNIX RDBMS
12:00 pm  Lunch (sponsored by Australian Information Processing Centre)
 1:30 pm  Rob Ewin, Unix on Steroids: antidoping control at Barcelona '92
 2:00 pm  Lawrie Brown, Authorisation and Privacy in a Networked World
 2:30 pm  Merik Karman, Applications of Voice/Video Multicasting
 3:00 pm  Afternoon Tea (sponsored by EASAMS)
 3:30 pm  Chris MacDonald, Code Navigation
 4:00 pm  Kirk McKusick, What's New in 4.4BSD
 4:45 pm  Conference Close
            Adjournment to Glebe Park A'lacarte


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